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A new approach.

Informal discussion formats such as dinners or networking drinks often bring together a wide range of experiences and deeply knowledgeable attendees, however there is rarely any formal outcome that captures the knowledge being discussed. Conversely, formal engagements such as conferences tend to only provide a superficial level of information due to the constraints of time and the need to adapt to a lower level of general knowledge on the topics discussed.

Wzard Innovation use an innovative approach to address the key problems faced by other formats by combining industry expertise in facilitating interactive problem-solving workshops with an informal dinner discussion. The goal is to allow a depth of discussion and capture more detail on real problems and real solutions that can be provided as a take-away to participants and share with a wider audience.


instech will give you invaluable insight into the strategies of your peers and competitors.

It will bring you up to date with the latest fintech technologies and ideas. You will meet amazing pioneers and innovators. Networking and bench-marking is second to none. Just imagine meeting 200 like minded insurance professionals who are all working on challenges and strategies similar to yours.