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Welcome Address From The Chair


Simon Laird

Partner, Head of Insurance


THE KODAK MOMENT WILL HAPPEN SUDDENLY – Can You Innovate Effectively & Efficiently?

Generating innovation that brings growth and improves customer experience in insurance is everything. Every company wants innovation and in theory welcomes new ideas that work. The question is, as always – what is the cost and will this unremitting innovation bring true returns? The reason instech start ups have captivated the attention of the incumbents and investors is because they have the environment, the talent, the will and most importantly the ability to generate and make new ideas work. Start ups make it happen quickly and often despite total lack of money. But are they really more innovative, more intelligent and more creative than the incumbents? Do they really have the ability to see into the crystal ball of insurance customer behavior better than the established insurance businesses? Or could it be that they are just hungrier and more willing to take risks? Or is it that they are much younger on average, and have a different perspective on insurance, and life in general? So, should you be hiring 22 year olds and putting them into executive positions to bridge the age gap? Or should you simply start thinking and acting in a different way, and innovation will flourish on its own? Well, the Kodak moment, by definition, always comes as a surprise. Which is why many insurance companies have tried many ways to avoid lagging behind the innovators, because innovation is king, and always does hold surprises. But what is the cost of such innovation, and where does it really lie in your list of priorities?

This interview with the leading insurance executives who are responsible for innovation in their businesses will give you some insight into the thinking and challenges the incumbents and the newcomers face when fostering innovation on a daily basis. Find out if innovation is worth it, and how you can achieve it without incurring a huge cost.


David Marock

Group CEO
Charles Taylor


David Williams

Technical Director
AXA Insurance


Mark Evans

Marketing Director
Direct Line Group



– Hear from a successful startup that is making money from a truly innovative approach to customer journey, product creation, marketing, claims and data analytics. Did they really have a brilliant and unique idea? Or was it luck with a bit of hard work? Did they figure out something about the insurance customers’ needs that allowed them to grow and succeed so quickly and effectively? Or was it obvious anyway? After all, most start ups fail, and only a few succeed. The natural selection of insurance is similar in some ways to that of the natural world, but with one huge difference. You do not have millions of years to try out different designs, products, risk models and environments. Because if it doesn’t start making money pretty quickly, it will most likely kill you off. So hear the details behind a successful start up story. Perhaps it wasn’t all luck and brilliance. Or maybe it was?


Michael Brockman

Founder & CEO


Tim Attia

CEO & Co-Founder


Erik Abrahamsson

Digital Fineprint



When was the last time you talked to a customer who wasn’t complaining and who genuinely answered your questions? Join this session with 4-5 real customers, who are over the age of 55 and who are willing to give you genuine answers to your questions. Provide us with the questions you want to pose to your average 55+ customer and hear their honest answers. Follow up with more questions during the sessions. Remember, these are people who don’t know how the insurance business works, and who will be sharing their own unguarded responses with you. Meaning that you may hear some unexpected answers that may lead to new ideas and cause you to make changes in your business. Here are some questions we are planning to ask our customer panellists:

  • If you had to say you didn’t like insurance companies, what would be your two main reasons?
  • How much do you trust your insurance company?
  • After price, what is the most important factor in you choosing insurance?
  • Do you think your insurance company knows much about you, and does that concern you?
  • Buying insurance is boring, but does it really have to be fun?
  • If you have made an insurance claim, was it easy to make? If not, what was the worst and the best thing about it?
  • Do you think it is easy to cheat on an insurance policy?
  • Do you tell your kids to insure things? If not, then why not?
  • What would make you trust insurance companies more?

Retired Grandfather From London

Age 57


Black Cab Driver From Essex

Age 58


Civil Servant From London

Age 55


Scientist From Oxford

Age 65


Drink Coffee, Network & Benchmark


DISTRIBUTION ON DEATH ROW: Do You Need Brokers Or Can Google Do The Job?

Travel agents, newspapers, dating agencies, estate agents, stock brokers, DVD producers, cinema owners, bank branches, post office have all suffered the consequences of the internet and digital technology. Many have either disappeared, or have been reduced to a shadow of their former selves. After all, nobody wants to pay an intermediary if they don’t have to. So business can continue without the middleman in many industries. And who is to say that the insurance industry needs brokers? Does anyone really need the value brokers bring? Are they not simply living relics of the past that we are trying to save out of kindness? Will commercial natural selection eventually kick in, and eradicate them all? This debate will focus on the future of insurance brokers both in commercial and personal lines. Algo insurance is the main alternative, and it may well turn out to be the winning argument of the session.


Adrian Ewington ACII

Underwriting & Markets Director
Home & Legacy


Matthew Jones

Anthemis Group


Tracey Smith

Fintech Lead
Direct Line Group


CASE STUDY: Implementing Change In Your Insurance Business – What Matters & Why?

Insight From The Leaders In Technology – What Will Make The Biggest Difference To Your Insurance Business


Andy McClure

Building Marketing & Sales Teams



Apart from your kids, how much do you know about the “millennials’” attitudes and approach to insurance? Do they really want everything to happen on Snapchat, in the form of photos and videos? Do they really only have an attention span of 3 minutes? How will they cope with life in 10-15 years time? Perhaps they will become very similar to their parents in their insurance attitudes and behaviour? The young always seem so different, but are they really so far apart? This is the second real customer session, where we bring together 4-5 randomly selected young people who will answer your questions and give you ideas you may not get from your data and your customer services department. We plan to ask different questions and follow the lead of the panel. It is not easy figuring out what matters to your future customers and how they want their insurance products and customer journey served to them. Nor is it easy to give them what they think they want. Join this panel and get some ideas, or at least find out the good questions and products that you should be testing with your young customer base every day. Here is what we are thinking of asking them:

  • What do you plan to own in 10 years time?
  • If you arrive in London today from life in another country what would you insure first?
  • Who do you ask for advice about insurance – parents, friends, google, social media?
  • Can you imagine being a victim of cybercrime, where you lose access to all your online accounts? Would you like to insure against that?
  • Apart from price, what would make you recommend an insurance company to your friends?

University Student From Scotland

Age 25


Single Mother of 2

Age 28


School Teacher From London

Age 30


Business Executive From Birmingham

Age 35


Food for Lunch

Customer Focus Stream

Product Focus Stream

Quick recap from the Chair

Quick recap from the Chair


The London insurance market reinvented – What Will Change, Why & How Can You Take Advantage?

Global markets are becoming increasing more competitive and the insurance market is no exception. With competition growing from emerging markets the London insurance market remains the leader in global insurance expertise. However, modernisation is the path to retaining that title. Technology and data are key to success, along with the assessment of the future skills and talent required to deliver for the ever changing needs of the customer. This panel will discuss the challenges faced and the steps to success. Join the debate that’s driving the market forward.


Adrian Thornycroft

Programme Director, London Market TOM Programme
Lloyds of London


Bent Isachsen

StarStone International


Dylan Bourguignon



Chris Coyne

Head of Operations
Antares Underwriting

On Demand Insurance For The On Demand Customer – What Will The 12 Year Olds See As Normal?

The world is rapidly moving to shared ownership and everything on demand. It is especially obvious in large cities. On demand bicycles, on demand cars, on demand internet in the park, on demand music, on demand food delivery, and on demand films. So it is inevitable that insurance will be offering its policies in much smaller chunks and on demand. The question is of course not if, but how and when. Customer journey, product offering, risk pricing strategies, claims and marketing; all these processes will have to change to accommodate this need of the customer for on demand insurance. Join the pioneers of on-demand insurance to hear about their experiences, challenges and success stories of running on-demand insurance business models. Find out about their profit and growth opportunities. Learn about the timescales and on demand customer behaviour. So that you can prepare your business today using the experience of these pioneers.


Andy McClure

Building Marketing & Sales Teams


Florian Graillot

Senior Associate
AXA Strategic Ventures


Alistair Hamilton

CFC Underwriting


Data Challenge – Dig Deep & Smart To Find Treasure

Data is the new oil, or so they say. We have it, and it seems almost inexhaustible but you have to dig deep and refine it to get value and profits from it. Customer data, market data, competitor data, sensor data, IOT data, historic data – there is so much to tackle. The question is, as always, where to find the easy and the biggest pickings. What data and data tools will make the biggest difference to your insurance business? The chances are, you have already tried to work your data to reduce claims, create better pricing, improve marketing and tackle fraud. Not everything worked, but everything was costly. Right? For example, it is great to know everything about your customer, but only a few things will actually help you improve customer journey and grow business. It is also a brilliant idea to use data to completely eliminate fraud, but if the cost of this strategy is greater than the fraud itself, then perhaps you should think again. This panel will talk specifically about using data and data analytics in insurance. It will focus on results and the ROI in your data strategy.


Barry Panayi

Chief Data Officer
MS Amlin


Pardeep Bassi

Head of Data Science


Marc Lehmann

Head of Client Service Development, Client Risk Solutions

Product Innovation Reinvented – Giving The Customer What They Want

When Apple invented its first iPad, do you think Steve Jobs went around hundreds of 9 year olds asking them what product they would like to have next? Do we imagine the 9 year olds describing an iPad to him as their next Christmas present? Surely not. So was there a need for an iPad, that Apple would then satisfy? Most definitely yes – you only need to look at the sales figures. So perhaps it was the data that Apple had on their customers that ultimately led to the creation of all their successful products? Or, alternatively, thanks to some brilliantly creative product innovators, which along with huge amounts of luck and support from the company, allowed them to create the need out of thin air?

Note that the above raises the question of whether ‘the customer is always right’. Could it be that the customer has no idea about what they want their insurance products to look like and what they would really like to insure? Could it be that the customer gives insurance no thought unless things go wrong? After all, no customer is going to think about insurance products more than the insurance company itself. In which case, surely all the product creation is in your hands? So the trick might be in spotting a potential or a future need, or thinking of a product (iPad) that will create the need. Either way, join this interview with some of the most innovative product creators in the industry, to examine these questions more fully.


Krystian Zajac

Founder & CTO
Neos Ventures


Michael Fitzgibbon

Chief Underwriting Officer


Sten Forseke

Greater Than


Dennis Westerhuis

Managing Director
Kroodle, Aegon

10 minute pitches from the most innovative instech companies

A pitch and then the audience gets to ask the questions. If you are a start-up looking for funding, partnership or to promote your idea and solution, then this is a great place to gain visibility and generate interest from financial institutions. If you are an investor or an insurance company, then this is where you find your next new idea, next brilliant investment, next successful partner and a new and valuable source of talent in the industry.


New Ways Of Marketing & Selling Insurance – “show and tell” case studies from the start ups

Product Innovation Reinvented – “show and tell” case studies from the start ups


For The Customer Of The Future - “show and tell” case studies from the start ups

Connected Home – “show and tell” case studies from the start ups

Are you a start up? Would you like the world to know about your idea, your business and your success story and your future? Give a 10 minute pitch to the most qualified and targeted audience of insurance and investment experts. Find partners, investment and future business ideas!


Machines & Robots Will Prevail –Let The AI & IOT Do The Job While We Focus On Our Strengths

Your phone talks to your smart watch, to your computer, to your heating system at home, to your car. It knows exactly where you are geographically, never gets lost, can tell how many steps you walked today, knows your weight, heart rate and your blood pressure. In fact, unlike you, your devices do not need to stop during the night. They are probably talking to each other non-stop behind your back while you sleep at night. They might even spend time ‘discussing’ and analyzing you to decide on how to influence your behavior tomorrow. Not the nicest idea you would agree? And yet you continue to rely on your devices much more than you rely on actual people in your daily life. Whilst some suggest that AI has long ago taken over this world and is now having fun watching us humans try to catch up. Well, the truth is probably somewhere in between, and we are slowly letting the machines and AI take over our life, job, health, relationships and other behavior. Because at the moment, we need AI and AI needs us. But we need to keep this relationship on an equal basis, because if AI becomes stronger than us, things will most likely go seriously wrong. This panel is gathering together some of the top experts and users of AI in insurance to discuss specifically how you and your business can take advantage of the machines, automation, IOT and AI today and what to expect from AI in the future.


Cécile Wendling

Head of Foresight, Group Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility


Yuanyuan Liu

Director of Statistical Machine Learning


Dirk Schmachtenberg

Head of IOT
Munich Re

Claims & Fraud Prevention: Digitise Or Die

As long as humans are on this planet, there will be fraud and cheating. Fact. But there are industries that have almost eliminated fraud. For example, it is practically impossible to board a plane without a ticket. Nor can you sell fake gold coins, as there is a simple test to check if they are really made of gold. And you cannot pretend to be another person on US border, as they check your fingerprints. So now, suddenly, the world of Insurance is on the verge of eliminating fraud. The diversity of IOT sensors, blockchain, common sense, digital technologies and the internet offer limitless opportunities for reducing fraud to a minimum. Your claims & fraud department will simply need to digitise. Easier said than done, right? Join this interview with insurance companies to hear how they are using the latest technologies and strategies to reduce claims and minimise fraud. Find out what that means to their business margins and prices. Learn what digital strategies have made the largest difference to the overall bottom line and why. Because surely, if claims were made simple and automatic, and fraud was next to non-existent, insurance prices would half, or would they? There is no one magical solution to the challenge, but there are a lot of little things you can do with technology to move in the right direction. Find out what they are, and don’t get left behind. Because your competitors are dropping their prices, and they can afford to, thanks to reduced claims and fraud.


Bob Spencer

Head of Claims Counter Fraud
Direct Line Group


Saad Mered

Group Chief Claims Officer
Zurich Insurance Company


Blockchain For Insurance – What Does It Mean In Practice Today & In The Future?


Florian Graillot

Senior Associate
AXA Strategic Ventures

Following What The Customer Does Not What He Sais: Leisure vs Work Behaviour


Michael Natusch

Global Head of AI


Guest speaker: Looking Into The Future: Will Insurance Become Technology Or Vice Versa?


Michael Cooper

CTO Radianz
BT Global Banking and Financial Markets, BT


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